What Lighter is Good For Camping?

When you purchase a lighter, it needs to do exactly what you want it to. Unfortunately, most lighters are not useful for doing everything, which is why you need to narrow it down. If you want a lighter to start gas burning from your stove, you need to get a stove lighter. Likewise, a lighter to start fires with is different to a lighter that is used for starting cigarettes. They are not that expensive, but it sure pays to get the right lighter for the right purpose. You can get all sorts of lighters too, ranging from those that can be refilled through to Propane or Butane Lighters, Zippo lighters and much more. Of course, there is a range of lighters which are designed to look cool, and many are very functional too.

The best lighter for camping though is something that is relatively waterproof, dust proof, shock proof and that can be refilled. With those qualities you can be sure that the lighter is going to work properly, regardless of how it is treated. You might pay a little bit more for this, but its well worth the money spent. The cheap, disposable lighters from your grocery store never seem to last half as long as the good ones and the price difference just doesn’t justify trying to save that sort of money!

For camping in general though the lighters which have a longer handle are good, because you have a much lower chance of burning yourself on them. You can even use them to light your cigarettes if you have to, and a good one will be reasonably wind resistant.

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