The Advantages of Windproof Lighters

There are several options available for wind resistant lighters. The most significant difference between each of the options is the fuel that the lighters employ.

Today, many users have switched over to butane-filled lighters because of their cleaner performance and because they impart no chemical taste to any tobacco which they are used to light. Either option can provide excellent performance in adverse conditions including wind and rain. For those who love the outdoors, a windproof lighter is an excellent accessory.

There are two basic types of windproof torches: jet lighters and fluid-filled lighters. They offer their windproof performance for very different reasons. The jet lighters use a high-pressure flame. The butane is ejected from the jets with enough force to keep it close to the ignition area, even in the wind. Standard butane lighters will have their fuel dispersed by the wind which results in the user doing the classic move of sheltering it with their hand while lighting it.

A fluid-filled lighter offers windproof performance because the fuel is too viscous to be taken off of the wick by the action of the wind. These lighters do have one disadvantage in strong winds. The flame may be pushed over the side of the lighter by the wind and it may end up being very large because of the amount of oxygen being introduced into the flame. For that reason, these lighters should always be held away from one’s face when they are lit.

Butane lighters also have the advantage of using a much cleaner-burning fuel. Cigar and pipe smokers generally prefer these models because fluid tends to pollute the taste of tobacco. In cases where the lighter is simply being used for utilitarian purposes, such as lighting campfires, the butane lighters have another advantage. The flame can be directed at any angle which means that one need not engage in odd contortions to get a flame underneath kindling or into a grill.

Where fluid-filled lighters are concerned, there is a caveat. These lighters may produce a very large flame when under high-wind conditions. The flame may also fly to the side of the lighter which can present a hazard. The butane models have the strong jets which prevent this from happening. While fluid-lighters are reliable and time-tested, torch lighters have the advantage of cutting-edge technology. Either will provide excellent and reliable service.

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