Lighters Far More Dependable Than a Bic

We’re firm believers that a quality lighter is an essential everyday carry item, even if you’re not using one to light cigars or other things. You never know when you’re going to need light or heat, and a good lighter is the kind of object that easily becomes a family heirloom later on down the line. If you invest in a quality one, that is. No one ever inherited their grandfather’s plastic gas station lighter.

EDC Waterproof Peanut Lighter

Peanut lighters are another classic EDC essential everybody is familiar with. This EDC peanut lighter features the same classic waterproof design everyone knows and loves, in a package that can easily fit on a key ring or strap band. This particular model features a new design, including a long lasting replaceable wick, and each package includes six flints, one windproof wick, and two waterproof O-rings to make sure your lighter stays dry and ready for use any time, anywhere.

Ultimate Survival Technologies Floating Lighter

We take our everyday carry items seriously, which means being prepared for the worst, even when things appear to be their best. Example? The UST Stormproof Floating Lighter. Whether you’re out in the elements piecing together a fire or on the back deck burning some tobacco, this water-buoyant lighter is engineered to perform flawlessly in winds up to 80 mph. The Piezo-electric ignition can light up to 30,000 times and works in sync with a die-cast wind guard and lever. There are also flame adjustment options, a nylon fuel tank, and even optimization options that allow for better performance at different altitudes. If you’re looking for a do-all EDC lighter that won’t come close to breaking the bank, this is it.

Zippo Windproof Lighters

The tried and true classic, we knew there was no way we could put together a roundup of durable lighters and not include the Zippo Windproof. The classic Zippo comes in a huge variety of styles and models, but we’re fans of the simple brushed chrome. What we love most about them is that not only are they windproof, but they also feature a durable all-metal construction, are refillable, are made in the U.S.A., and features Zippo’s famous lifetime guarantee. If simple and reliable are what you’re after, a Zippo is timeless perfection.

KUBOY Black Gold Flint Wheel Metal Lighter

A beautiful and slick take on the classic S.T. Dupont style, this black flint wheel lighter from KUBOY is perfect for someone looking for elegance, style, and the perfect amount of pomp in the form of a lighter that won’t buckle under pressure. The solid black body with striking gold outlines give this lighter an esteemed look, but its price tag means you won’t shed a tear if it gets left at the cigar lounge or finds its way into the hands of a drunken stranger (damn those drunken strangers). 

Vector Thundra Desktop Lighter

If you’re going to have a name as tough as “Vector Thundra,” you really better live up to it. Luckily, this lighter has no problem doing so. It’s slightly larger than a lot of the other entrants on this list at 1.2” X 2.3” X 3.5”, but it’s still plenty compact enough to be used anywhere you need to set something on fire. It features a sturdy all-metal body, extra-large fuel capacity, and a powerful triple flame that’ll make sure whatever you’re lighting gets lit and stays lit no matter what. It’s a heavy-hitter by any measurable standard of the word, and it’ll look and perform great anywhere you choose to place it—whether it be on the desk, in the man cave, or even as part of your EDC rotation if you feel like it.

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