75th Anniversary Zippo – $37,000

The priciest Zippo lighter worldwide, the 75th Anniversary Zippo. It was sold for $37,000.

In 2007, Zippo celebrated their 75th anniversary as well as to recognize the party, they made a unique lighter for the celebration. Famous among cigarette smokers, the Zippo Lighter in weights are on the marketplace Since 1932. This lighter was one of the original ones from back in the days.

Zippo Windproof Less Heavy, because that is the name of the most costly Zippo lighter in the world was manufactured in Bradford Pennsylvania.

All the Zippo Lighter integrates a flint-wheel ignition with a naphtha-soaked wick. These butanes less heavies are wind immune and also one of one of the most trusted wind-resistant and also winter immune lighters.

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